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Conklin Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System

                                          Stop Leaks, Energy Loss from the Top Down

3. Coat foam surface with appropriate Conklin coating system.

2. Apply SPF with a minimum thickness of one inch.

1. Prepare roof surface per specifications.


Polyurethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coating

Fast. Tough. Smart

Fast     —     Requires less drying time than other coatings
Tough  —     Protects for years
 Smart  —     Offers significant energy savings

PUMA XL is the latest product in the Conklin family of advanced-technology, premium roof
coatings. It combines the best performance of urethane and acrylic polymers to create
a seamless membrane with excellent adhesion to many different substrates. Compare to
industry standards and you’ll see that PUMA XL delivers exceptional tensile strength and
excellent elongation, which makes it tougher and more durable than conventional acrylic
roof coatings – so much so that it carries an unprecedented 18-year warranty.

Long-term protection
• Seamless membrane for superior waterproofing
• Low VOC emissions
• Provides a cool, reflective top coat, which saves energy


PUMA is formulated for
use with the following
Conklin Roofing Systems:

•Spray Polyurethane
 Foam (SPF)
• Fabric-Reinforced
• MR® System for
  metal roofs


Conklin Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System